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Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing

Maximize investment

Ensure you can adapt your system as project requirements evolve with our flexible platform.

Meet complex needs

Test innovative control systems with a solution that delivers unrivaled performance and breadth of I/O.

Fail faster

Test early and often with our easy-to-use platform that can scale from small to large simulation needs.

With NI modular hardware and extensible software, we built a future-proof, reliable, and adaptable HIL test system.

— Sanjay Mane, TATA Motors

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Cost Non-NI Systems NI systems Savings # of Changing Requirements Chart
Savings with NI vs. non-NI HIL system(s)

By using NI hardware and software platforms, we achieved the simulation speed and model fidelity required for verification of an electric motor ECU.

— Mr. Tomohiro Morita, FUJI Heavy Industries, Ltd.

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We selected NI for the Legacy 500 Iron Bird because of the breadth of functionality the environment provides out of the box.

— Guilherme Seelaender, EMBRAER S.A.

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